An Olympian Apology

Dear Olympic National Park, It's not you, it's me. Usually, I like knowing something about my destination before I get there, especially when I'm planning to visit a National Park. I'll make a point of scanning the internet or paging through some travel books, gathering information about your geography and your attractions before my arrival.…Read more An Olympian Apology

Glacier Assurance

Glacier National Park had some big shoes to fill considering we were still riding a Canadian Rocky Mountain high from our past visit to Banff and Jasper National Parks. It’s as if Banff and Jasper were the opening act and killed it, and just as Glacier, the headliner took the stage, the power went out.…Read more Glacier Assurance

River Rock Falls–Elemental

I came across a kaleidoscope of submerged river rocks at the base of Baring Falls in Glacier National Park while on a hike yesterday afternoon. The air was smokey from area wildfires, and the haze was holding the blue sky hostage. Surprisingly, the temperature was crisp on the trail, and the spray from the falls…Read more River Rock Falls–Elemental

Valley of the Five Lakes

Clouds to the right of us... ...and clouds to the left of us... ...left us completely surrounded by clouds. Now we had to figure out what to do on such an overcast day. Park cognoscenti suggested a popular destination showcasing five distinctly different alpine lakes--each with its own signature green hue. I was hooked. With…Read more Valley of the Five Lakes