Back in the Day

Taming the Canadian Wild West required spirit, courage and resolve. Throw in the railroad, the missionaries, and the Mounted Police, and Calgary soon took shape along the banks of the Bow River. A visit to Heritage Park in Calgary... retells the history through a fully recreated settlement of restored buildings occupied by staff members dressed…Read more Back in the Day

A Park Where Nothing Happens

Riding Mountain threw us off our game from the very start. We were eager to visit our first Canadian National Park--as the whole country and its visitors from outside are celebrating Canada 150 with free admission to Parks Canada--but we really didn't know what to expect. Our experience with National Parks in America allows us…Read more A Park Where Nothing Happens

Facing the Future of Awareness

The van in front finally pulled away, making it my turn to methodically approach the gatehouse window with the Airstream in tow. But nobody was home. Leah noticed an outstretched arm extended from a raised window a dozen feet forward, and it was waving me closer. I inched parallel to the higher window, and awkwardly…Read more Facing the Future of Awareness

A Day of Beauty

With so many spectacular parks checked off our bucket list thus far, Leah and I needed a time out for reflection. Seemingly, the constant shifts of locations, coupled with maximizing our time at each stop has blended our experiences and threatened our recall. We have been so immersed in the natural beauty that soothes the…Read more A Day of Beauty

The Temple of Conspicuous Consumption

A photo essay... In honor of the 25th birthday of Mall of America®, here are 25 incredible facts + figures about the nation's largest retail and entertainment destination (as reported by Mall of America). 1.15 MILES: Walking distance around one level of Mall of America 8 ACRES OF SKYLIGHTS: What allows about 70% of the…Read more The Temple of Conspicuous Consumption

Ouch! and Ahhh!–Part Two

*For those who are reading postaday blogs, please see Part One first to follow the narrative. Sorry for the inconvenience.   Previously on Streaming thru America... (see Ouch! and Ahhh!--Part One, previously published) Neal and Leah were both feeling the effects of the heat--both inside and outside the F-150. Temperatures had climbed to 103º on the…Read more Ouch! and Ahhh!–Part Two