12 thoughts on “Pinguisibi and Kakabeka Falls

  1. Wooow! Those waterfalls are amazing! You must have had a great time taking photos!

    Was it incredibly steep? 3 hours sounds like a very long time for a 3km-long trail!

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    1. I guess I’m a pushover for waterfalls! The Kakabeka Falls drop 130 feet, and are the second tallest falls in Canada, with Niagara Falls being the tallest. The Pinguisibi Trail is steep in parts as it follows the river, but graduates in elevation as it approaches Lady Evelyn and Calwin Falls. The hiking trail is 3 km long, but it’s also 3 km to return.

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      1. That makes more sense! 6 km in 3 hours sounds less crazy!

        I am a pushover for waterfalls too (well, not literally) I always LOVE visiting them. 😀

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