On Steady Ground, Part 3

Leah and I were breaking up with Yellowstone Park. In the beginning, the park had welcomed us and offered us sanctuary. At times, it made us dizzy with excitement. Despite all the wonderful things the park had brought into our lives (the scenery, the animals, and the natural oddities), there was little doubt that the…Read more On Steady Ground, Part 3

On Shaky Ground, Part 2

(picture credit: UUSS) Leah and I passed through the construction zone with time to spare, thus avoiding the road closure, and reducing our stress level. It was 7:00 pm, we were tired, and I needed a break from driving since 10:00 am. If we could make it through the next 28 miles without incident, we'd…Read more On Shaky Ground, Part 2

Rocky Road National Park

With so much attention being paid to the over-crowded conditions at National Parks this year, Leah and I were optimistic that Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) would allow us some breathing room—despite a doomsday article recently published by Denver Post that boasted a 21% increase in visitor attendance at RMNP over the same month last…Read more Rocky Road National Park

A Park By Any Other Name*

If you could mix Sedona's red rocks, with Painted Desert's colors, and Zion's canyon walls, and Canyonland's monoliths, while also adding Arches' arches... in a geologic blender, then stir in one cup of Fremont River water,   top with orchard fruit,sprinkle in some petroglyphs, and season with Mormon history,you would have a delicious National Park…Read more A Park By Any Other Name*