Smoke on the Water

sand play

It was warm enough to sunbathe,

and frolic in the sand,

yet, I could not see the sun rays.

It was not what I had planned.


A walk along the shoreline

left dewdrops on my neck,

and I wondered whether sunshine

would be breaking on my trek.


But the coastal air was chilling

with a sea breeze ‘cross the grass.

And I was more than willing

to allow the fog to pass.


Yet Anastasia’s sea smoke,

like other-worldly stew,

it hangs on like a heavy cloak

so dense, it blocks my view.


However, if I’m patient,

the fog may one day lift.

The sun renewed and nascent,

is proof of nature’s gift.

Anastasia Beach fog (2)

A Face in the Crowd

(Play the audio track and relax, while imagining yourself hovering high above the surf.)


With the sun breaking out over Singer Island…

sunrise (2)

another day dawns on the Florida coastline,

and the beach quickly comes alive.

Walkers dodge the ebb and flow of lapping water

perpetually pushing against the shoreline.

And the miniature movements of anonymity

are measured against a seascape

captured twenty-one floors above sea level,

where a face in the crowd seamlessly blurs into obscurity.

Singer Island

Hypnotic waves enchant two silhouettes of solitude beside a roiling sea,

surf and turf

while the lure of a lounge chair beckons to a lonesome beachcomber.

2 lounge chairs and a walker

In time, a passage over and beyond the dunes…

bridge over the dune

extends to a passage of twisted tranquility.

yoga on the beach