The Aftermath, or If I Could Be Anywhere Else Right Now

It’s been 48 hours since arriving home after one year of steadily moving about the country. However, now that I’m physically situated in one place, it seems my mind continues to wander, yearning for places I’ve been or yet to experience. I fear I’m going through wanderlust withdrawal.

The feeling is eerily reminiscent of adjusting to the constant sway aboard a boat–to where I’ve finally gotten my sea legs–yet after docking, the motion of the ocean has robbed me of my equilibrium. Nothing seems normal to me. I still feel adrift, like a bobbing buoy.

Perhaps it’s some sort of jet lag (without the jet), or some kind of Post-Travel Stress Disorder, where my internal GPS continues to send rerouting instructions with every step taken, redirecting my brain and body back to the Airstream presently parked in Lakewood.

Acclimating to everyday life has been challenging, as I’ve yet to re-establish my new old routine, or shake off unsettling circadian rhythms of disorientation. Already, I’ve forgotten which cabinet holds the coffee mugs, or where to find the bottle opener, or what it was like to sleep on a king-sized mattress. Even after unpacking, I’m likely to open the wrong dresser drawer to find my socks.

Of course, it’s only been two days since landing, so I’m certain the confusion will abate and I will eventually adjust to a different way to fill my day without hesitation. But in the meantime, I will travel to my favorite places through my photographs, and dream about the possibilities.

One special destination–among more than a hundred visited in the past year–that still resonates to my core is reliving the beauty of Banff.

Mount Victoria (2)
Mt. Victoria watching over Lake Louise

26 thoughts on “The Aftermath, or If I Could Be Anywhere Else Right Now

    1. Hi Stacy. After perusing your blog, I have to say that you are two brave souls. Most are escaping the cold, while you are embracing it. Our foray from Florida to NJ took us through freezing temperatures and nasty winds as we caught the tail of a few nor’easters that were tracking north. Now that we’re in the midst of one, I know for sure how much I don’t miss the snow, especially on the 1st day of Spring. Good luck on your resettlement in the PNW–a place that deserves more of our attention, but only after it thaws. Leah and I hit the road again for St. Augustine in June (where we’ve bought a house), and we’re not looking back.


      1. We loved St. Augustine and our adventures in Florida! So happy for you!! We have decided to head back to California after all. The PNW is beautiful, however, we realized we need more sun in our lives (blog post coming soon). A new home is next on our list. Very nice that we have our airstream while we seek one out back in California. Best to you both!!

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      2. Very exciting, looking for a new home. But do yourselves a favor and relocate far away from fires, floods, mudslides and earthquakes. In the meantime, huddle up in the silver bullet. Cheers, Neal


  1. We feel for you Neal! We’ve been mapping out our continued journey west- currently in Mesa AZ where there are no snow flakes nor sock drawers!😉 Flip flops and sneakers- maybe hiking boots but no snow gear needed! congrats on completing an entire year of adventure in the Airstream. Thanks for documenting the trip so beautifully. We will be visiting some of your favorite places. Best to Leah too! Karen

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    1. Karen, it’s a great day to be in Mesa AZ while we struggle in a NJ mess. If only we could teleport there. But we ‘ve had our days in the sun, and it was time to go home. Enjoy your time and savor the open road. We’ll be re-living vicariously. Hope to meet up again down the winding road. Call us when you get to St. Augustine.


  2. Goodness Banff is beautiful. You always have such stunning photos. I hope being settled will give you more time to edit and share them. ❤

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