Cadillac Ranch

A handful of cars and trucks were pulled onto the shoulder of a road beside a cow pasture along Interstate 40 in Amarillo, TX. A barbed wire perimeter protected entry to the field, but a rainbow-colored cattle gate provided access to an infinite vista of grassland and graffitied hay rolls.


Although road signage made it very clear that all graffiti stay on the other side of the road,


anything on Stanley Marsh’s property was fair game for tagging and tacitly encouraged.

The sun was setting,


and the mosquito swarm was brutal, as if they saw it as their obligation to annoy anyone curious to walk through a field where ten Cadillacs were partly buried in the ground.

Additionally, with golden hour light fading quickly, I felt my glow time was severely limited.

Nevertheless, working around the tall shadows cast by a low-hanging sun, I managed to capture a spectrum of random and radiant colors that seemingly changes by the hour, courtesy of spray-painters who choose to be anything but anonymous.




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