The Saga of Sinbad

  • There once was a mammoth named Sinbad
  • who was widely known as a windbag.
  • He was long in the tusk
  • and considered quite brusque
  • when teased ’bout his grandiose chin sag.


  • So, he kept to himself on the prairie
  • to guess why his jaw was so hairy.
  • “Was it something I ate
  • that led to my fate?
  • ‘Cause it seems I’m allergic to dairy.”


  • A doctor along with his daughter
  • advised him to drink lots of water.
  • But Sinbad resisted.
  • His logic was twisted.
  • He thought that it wasn’t their matter.


  • Yet, he’d heard of a new place to drink.
  • T’was a cave that had started to sink.
  • The stone from the ceiling
  • gave way, soon revealing
  • a wellspring laid out at the brink.

Mary Antoinette

  • The water’s not easily reached.
  • A gap in the rock caused a breach.
  • With footing uneven,
  • it stands to good reason
  • why Sinbad dove onto the beach.


  • His body got stuck in the sand.
  • How he struggled to gain back command.
  • But the water was rising,
  • And not unsurprising
  • why Sinbad could no longer stand.


  • Then 26,000 years pass,
  • making way for some homes with green grass.
  • But the fossil-rich soil
  • caused business to spoil,
  • when bones were discovered en masse.

Mary Antoinette

  • A paleontologist named Wade,
  • was using the tools of the trade.
  • He dug at the spot
  • that time had forgot,
  • unearthing where Sinbad had laid.

archeologist at worktool box

  • Wade carefully brushed away dirt.
  • so brittle bones wouldn’t get hurt.
  • For lo and behold,
  • he found something old.
  • And now Sinbad lives on a T-shirt.

tshirt (2)

Feature photograph is a fossilized mammoth footprint.





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