Hiking Hat Trick–First Goal

At the risk of becoming too comfortable with scheduling only two activities a day during our destination stay, our last full day before moving on from Big Bend presented an opportunity to squeeze in three. That’s right…we were going for the hiking hat-trick! By rights, we were being overly ambitious—biting off far more than we…Read more Hiking Hat Trick–First Goal

Ouch! and Ahhh!–Part Two

*For those who are reading postaday blogs, please see Part One first to follow the narrative. Sorry for the inconvenience.   Previously on Streaming thru America... (see Ouch! and Ahhh!--Part One, previously published) Neal and Leah were both feeling the effects of the heat--both inside and outside the F-150. Temperatures had climbed to 103º on the…Read more Ouch! and Ahhh!–Part Two