Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

Captured in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

super blood wolf moon eclipse

After a full day of sun, two stellar NFL Championship games, and a few beers, I was determined to stay awake to witness this special celestial event.

The stars were out.

The air was cool with passing cloud cover.

Oh, how I wished I had a tripod at the time!


6 thoughts on “Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse

  1. Beautiful Captures! I was in Playa in 1990, at the time the Buffalo Bills lost to NY in the SuperBowl due to a failed FG attempt….. Funny how you remember certain events because of where you are. I took a few photos with my point and shoot last night. Not great but good enough. Like you, I should have set up a tripod – I have no excuse being at home – other than I didn’t think of it! Enjoy Playa!

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