Sunrise, Sunset

Of the 6 million visitors who enter Grand Canyon National Park yearly, whether to: walk the rim; hike the trails; ride a mule/bike/train; climb the observation tower; watch a tribal ceremony; dine at El Tovar; or simply to contemplate the enormity and scope of nature’s possibility, there is a singular obsession that’s common to all… EVERYBODY takes pictures!

Long lens, zoom lens, tripod, mono-pod, selfie-stick, large format, DSLR, compact, bridge, Polaroid, point-and-shoot, GoPro, iPads and iPhones–irrespective of the expense or complexity of the equipment–somebody is taking a picture of something or someone, almost always.

While not the world’s grandest canyon by size (Kali Gandaki Gorge in Nepal is nearly four times deeper, and Capertee Valley in Australia is longer and wider), The Grand Canyon more than makes up the difference in its spectacular and overwhelming beauty–so much so, that on average, 12 people will lose their life every year while posing or composing a photograph.

While the scenery is certainly breathtaking, I am more than satisfied to experience the canyon from a less risky perch, and push the photographic envelope in ways that are more within my control–like, capturing a sun sandwich–where different day-parts are recorded–from dawn (at approximately 5:15 am) to dusk (at approximately 7:45 pm).

almost sunup (2)
5:15 am
half sun up
5:20 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
sunglow (2)
5:25 am
sun over tree
5:27 am
8:00 am Colorado River
9:00 am Bright Angel Trail to        Phantom Ranch
cliff shoes
10:00 am
CU Colorado River
11:00 am
rope clouds
bag people
1st time seeing the Grand Canyon
bag ready
Waiting for the countdown
bag revealed
The big reveal at 2:00 pm
5:00 pm
CU Mathers Point
7:00 pm
stormy sunset
7:10 pm
7:20 pm
Mather Westbound
7:25 pm
rainbow cloud
7:30 pm
fire clouds
7:35 pm
aurora cloud
7:40 pm (fire-haired face mid-frame)
SS cloud
7:45 pm

4 thoughts on “Sunrise, Sunset

  1. Absolutely stunning!!!
    I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon but it is on my bucket list for sure!!
    Your photos are incredible – the views are stunning and the tones are beautiful, keep up the great work 🙂


  2. Those early morning pics really remind me of how shockingly beautiful that place is and now, I really want to return. There’s a little highway that goes from the park to Flagstaff through a very picturesque mountain pass that I’d love to see again someday…..

    Liked by 1 person

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